How to Prepare for Kitchen Cabinet Replacements

The market has become flooded with products that allow customization or a simple replacement of kitchen cabinets. Some homeowners prefer to replace their cabinets entirely, but this is not a practical option in most cases. Renovation of kitchen cabinets is a simple solution to remodel the kitchen without the expense of a drastic lifestyle change. Custom Kitchen Cabinets Miami offer the opportunity to fully transform a kitchen and make it the dream kitchen most homeowners have always dreamed.cabinet

One important aspect to consider when designing or replacing kitchen cabinets is to carefully select the cabinet doors. Like kitchen cabinets themselves, cabinet doors come in many varieties and designs. Among the most popular cabinet doors include the following: solid wood, laminate wood, or MDF (medium-density fiberboard) veneer, glass, metal, particle board, and pressed wood. In addition to choosing the appropriate cabinet doors, it is important to consider their hardware and cabinet locks. Some cabinet doors are equipped with the convenient “low draw” drawer feature, which allows users to access the drawers from the center of the counter.

Frameless cabinet doors are gaining popularity among homeowners due to their ability to save space and create a modern, simplistic look. Frameless cabinet doors may be mounted on any standard kitchen cabinet frame using screws, nuts, or bolts. They require no doorstop screw or hardware. Because of their simplicity, frameless cabinets provide a streamlined, uncluttered appearance. Most frameless cabinets are constructed using MDF or medium density fiberboard, a type of synthetic material that is fire resistant and moisture resistant. MDF has a higher density than standard wood and is usually found in dark woods, which give it the appearance of being “paintable.”

Another option for frameless-style cabinets is to install sliding stainless steel cabinet fronts. These allow for easy cleaning, because they do not have any locking mechanism. Sliding stainless steel cabinet fronts are typically available in three-piece, one-piece, or double-wall models. Some sliding cabinet models also have one or two-door options. A popular kitchen remodel choice for stainless steel cabinet doors is to install them over natural wood-grained cabinets.

Another option to consider for customizing the appearance of your kitchen cabinets is to install under-counter wall cabinets. These cabinets are designed to mount directly to the underside of a kitchen countertop, which eliminates the need for an extra-large cabinet stand. Under-counter wall cabinets can be purchased in almost any size, style, or price range. In addition to providing ample storage space, under-counter wall cabinets offer an attractive, streamlined appearance. Installing under-counter wall cabinets can make a significant impact on the overall look of your kitchen.

For homeowners who prefer a more dramatic change than a simple vertical or lateral adjustment in their wall cabinets and floor surface height, they might want to consider purchasing prefabricated cabinets. Known as showroom cabinets, these units are manufactured to a specific plan, with a standard cabinet box and all hardware and accessories included. To add visual interest to the display cabinetry, choose coordinating paint and stain for the floor, trim, drawer pulls, and cabinet doors. These customizable products can be made to meet a homeowner’s individual specifications.

Regardless of the type of kitchen cabinet that a homeowner decides to install, one of the most important aspects of the project is the selection of kitchen cabinet drawers. Today’s cabinet boxes come in a variety of styles and materials, including solid wood, laminate, particle board, vinyl, and steel. If a cabinet box is not chosen based on its material or color, a homeowner will have a difficult time trying to find a compatible replacement. The most convenient way to choose the right cabinet drawers is to coordinate the style of the cabinetry with the drawers that are to be installed. Also, it is important to choose a compatible color and pattern for the drawers and cabinet box to ensure that the two cabinets match in terms of color and texture.